• IPA: /kɛɡ/
  • (dated, South Midland US) IPA: /kæɡ/
  • (dated, New England, Virginia, South Carolina) IPA: /keɪɡ/

keg (plural kegs)

  1. A round, traditionally wooden container of lesser capacity than a barrel, often used to store beer.
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keg (kegs, present participle kegging; past and past participle kegged)

  1. (transitive) To store in a keg.
    • 2011, Carla Kelly, Coming Home for Christmas (page 116)
      He gestured toward the empty chair and the other officers began passing him their kegged beef and ship's biscuit.
    • 2015, Randy Mosher, Mastering Homebrew (page 228)
      Many of us get impatient with the tedium of bottling after a year or two and start thinking about kegging our beers instead.

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