• (America) enPR: kē'bôrd, IPA: /ˈkibɔɹd/
  • (British, Australia) IPA: /ˈkiːbɔːd/

keyboard (plural keyboards)

  1. (computing, etc.) A set of keys used to operate a typewriter, computer etc.
  2. (music) A component of many instruments including the piano, organ, and harpsichord consisting of usually black and white keys that cause different tones to be produced when struck.
  3. (music) A device with keys of a musical keyboard, used to control electronic sound-producing devices which may be built into or separate from the keyboard device.
  • (electronic musical device) electronic keyboard
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keyboard (keyboards, present participle keyboarding; past and past participle keyboarded)

  1. (intransitive) To type on a computer keyboard.
    Keyboarding is the part of this job I hate the most.

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