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kid (plural kids)

  1. A young goat.
    • 1719, Daniel Defoe, Robinson Crusoe: Friday's Education,
      I went, indeed, intending to kill a kid out of my own flock; and bring it home and dress it; but as I was going I saw a she-goat lying down in the shade, and two young kids sitting by her.
    He treated the oxen like they didn't exist, but he treated the goat kid like a puppy.
  2. Of a female goat, the state of being pregnant: in kid.
  3. Kidskin.
    • 1912, Jean Webster, Daddy-Long-Legs: Letter 3,
      I have three pairs of kid gloves. I've had kid mittens before from the Christmas tree, but never real kid gloves with five fingers.
  4. (uncountable) The meat of a young goat.
    • 1819, Walter Scott, Ivanhoe, Chapter 5,
      So saying, he gathered together, and brought to a flame, the decaying brands which lay scattered on the ample hearth; took from the larger board a mess of pottage and seethed kid, placed it upon the small table at which he had himself supped, and, without waiting the Jew's thanks, went to the other side of the hall; […] .
  5. A young antelope.
  6. (informal) A child (usually), teenager, or young adult; a juvenile.
    She's a kid. It's normal for her to have imaginary friends.
    • 2007 July 5, Barack Obama, Remarks of Senator Barack Obama to the National Education Association Annual Meeting,
      Our kids are why all of you are in this room today. Our kids are why you wake up wondering how you'll make a difference and go to bed thinking about tomorrow's lesson plan. Our kids are why you walk into that classroom every day even when you're not getting the support, or the pay, or the respect that you deserve - because you believe that every child should have a chance to succeed; that every child can be taught.
  7. (colloquial) An inexperienced person or one in a junior position.
    • 2007 June 3, Eben Moglen, speech, Freeing the Mind: Free Software and the end of proprietary culture,
      I remember as a kid lawyer working at IBM in the summer of 1983, when a large insurance company in Hartford, Connecticut, for the first time asked to buy 12000 IBM PCs in a single order.
  8. (nautical) A small wooden mess tub in which sailors received their food.
  9. (informal) A person whose childhood took place in a particular time period or area.
    Only '90s kids will remember this toy.
    He's been living in Los Angeles for years now, but he's a Florida kid.
  10. (informal) One's son or daughter, regardless of age.
    He was their youngest kid.
  11. (in the vocative) Used as a form of address for a child, teenager or young adult
    No, kid, you didn't do anything wrong; they did!
  12. (dated) A deception; an act of kidding somebody.
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kid (kids, present participle kidding; past and past participle kidded)

  1. (transitive, colloquial) To make a fool of (someone).
  2. (transitive, colloquial) To dupe or deceive (someone).
  3. (transitive, colloquial) To make a joke with (someone).
  4. (intransitive) Of a goat, to give birth to kids.
  5. (intransitive, colloquial) To joke.
    You're kidding!
    Only kidding
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kid (plural kids)

  1. A fagot; a bundle of heath and furze.

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