• (RP) IPA: /ˈkɪtən/
  • (GA) IPA: [ˈkɪ.ʔn̩]

kitten (plural kittens)

  1. A young cat, especially before sexual maturity (reached at about seven months).
    • 1752 January, The London Magazine, and Monthly Chronologer, pages 243 and 244.
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    • 1844, , The Kitten, publ. by the Religious Tract Society, pages 1 and 2.
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  2. A young rabbit, rat, hedgehog, squirrel, fox, beaver, badger, etc.
    • 1906, Joseph Henry Taylor, Beavers, Their Ways, and Other Sketches, page 49.
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    • 2009, Kathryn Walker, See How Rabbits Grow, publ. by PowerKiDS press (The Rosen Publishing Group Inc.), page 10.
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  3. A moth of the genus Furcula.
    • 1959, Odonata reprints: J. G. Needham collection, vol. 3, page 657.
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  • (young cat) kitty, kitty cat
Translations Translations
  • French: lapereau (rabbit), raton (rat), renardeau (fox)
  • German: Kaninchenjunges (rabbit), Rattenjunges (rat), Igelbaby (hedgehog), Igeljunges (hedgehog), junges Eichhörnchen (squirrel), Fuchsjunges (fox), Dachsjunges (badger), Luchsjunges (lynx)
  • Russian: крольчо́нок

kitten (kittens, present participle kittening; past and past participle kittened)

  1. To give birth to kittens.

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