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knob (plural knobs)

  1. A rounded protuberance, especially one arising from a flat surface; a fleshy lump or caruncle.
  2. A rounded control switch that can be turned on its axis, designed to be operated by the fingers.
  3. A ball-shaped part of a handle, lever, etc., designed to be grabbed by the hand.
  4. A rounded ornament on the hilt of an edged weapon; a pommel.
  5. A prominent, rounded bump along a mountain ridge.
  6. (geography) A prominent rounded hill.
    • 2011, John Jeremiah Sullivan, Pulphead, Farrar, Straus and Giroux, p. 144:
      We climbed to the top of Slate Hill, the highest knob in our town, and Ricky gave me a whole talk on how slate formed, how it was and was not shale.
  7. (plural) (slang) Breasts.
  8. (vulgar, slang, chiefly, UK) A penis.
  9. (vulgar, slang) The head of the penis; the glans.
  10. (slang, pejorative, by analogy with above) A contemptible person.
  11. (cooking) A dollop, an amount just larger than a spoonful (usually referring to butter).
  12. A chunky branch-like piece, especially of a ginger rhizome.
    • 2001, David Joachim, The Clever Cook's Kitchen Handbook
      Place whole, unpeeled knobs of ginger in a zipper-lock freezer bag for up to 3 months. Slice or break off what you need and return the rest to the freezer.
  13. A bulb of the garlic plant consisting of multiple cloves.
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knob (knobs, present participle knobbing; past knobbed, past participle knobbed)

  1. (British, slang, vulgar, of a man) To have sex with.

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