Pronunciation Adjective

known (comparative better known, superlative best known)

  1. Identified as a specific type#Noun|type; famous, renowned.
    Antonyms: unknown
    He was a known pickpocket.
    • Being not knowne, some great persons in the pew I pretended to, and went in, did question my coming in.
  2. accepted#Adjective|Accepted, familiar#Adjective|familiar, research#Verb|researched.
    Antonyms: unknown
Translations Noun

known (plural knowns)

  1. Any fact or situation which is known or familiar#Adjective|familiar.
    • 2012, Thomas Dougherty, Antibiotic Discovery and Development (volume 1, page 39)
      The biological dereplication tool may identify major knowns in a mixture, but it may miss novel minor components.
  2. (algebra) A constant#Noun|constant or variable#Noun|variable the value#Noun|value of which is already determined.
  1. past participle of know#English|know

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