• IPA: /ləˈkʌstɹɪn/, /-aɪn/


  1. Of or relating to lakes.
    • 1982, R. H. Lowe-McConnell, Tilapias in Fish Communities, Roger S. V. Pullin, R. H. Lowe-McConnell (editors), The Biology and Culture of Tilapias: Proceedings of the International Conference on the Biology and Culture of Tilapias, 2-5 September 1980, page 112 ↗,
      […] has some of these features, such as brooding one brood a year (which suggests that this species may have evolved under more lacustrine conditions).
    • 1986, M. O. Woodburne, C. R. Campbell, T. H. V. Rich, N. S. Pledge, 5: Geology, Stratigraphy, Paleoecology, Michael O. Woodburne, W. A Clemens (Editors), Revision of the Ektopodontidae (Mammalia, Marsupialia, Phalangeroidea) of the Australian Neogene, University of California Geological Publications, Volume 131, page 75 ↗,
      This apparently reflects a general change from a more lacustrine environment in the lower member to a more fluviatile setting in the upper.
    • 2014, David Blackwell, Richard Smith, Maria Richards, Dixie Valley Synthesis, page 21 ↗,
      It covers all of the DVGD[Dixie Valley Geothermal District] and is more lacustrine in nature than the other valley-fill layers.

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