• (British, America) IPA: /ˈlænd.slaɪd/

landslide (plural landslides)

  1. A natural disaster that involves the breakup and downhill flow of rock, mud, water and anything caught in the path.
  2. A vote won by a wide or overwhelming majority.
    The candidate won by a landslide.
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  • German: erdrutschartiger Sieg, überwältigender Sieg, Erdrutschsieg
  • Italian: vittoria schiacciante, a valanga

landslide (landslides, present participle landsliding; past and past participle landslid)

  1. To undergo a landslide.
    • 1921, The Illustrated London News (volume 158, page 356)
      So it landslid mightily, carrying off greens and fairways and all.

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