• (British) IPA: /ləˈveɪbəʊ/

lavabo (plural lavabos)

  1. (Christianity) A ritual involving the washing of one's hands at a church's offertory before handling the Eucharist.
    Synonyms: lavatory
  2. (Christianity) The small towel used to dry the priest's hands following the ritual.
    • '1870, Daniel Rock, Textile Fabrics, p. 203:
      These small liturgical towels got […] the name of Lavabo cloths or Lavaboes.
  3. A washbasin, particularly (Christianity) the one in a church used in the ritual.
    Synonyms: washbasin
    • 1885, Walter Horatio Peter, Marius the Epicurean, Bk. iv, Ch. xxiii:
      […] the […] pontiff, as he […] moved his hands […] at the Lavabo, or at the various benedictions […]
  4. (architecture) A trough used for washing at some medieval monasteries.
  5. (jocular, euphemism) A lavatory: a room used for urination and defecation.
    Synonyms: Thesaurus:bathroom
    • 1930, Dorothy L. Sayers, Strong Poision, Ch. xiv, p. 177:
      Mr. Pond fussed out and she heard the door of the little lavabo in the passage open with a loud creak.
  • French: lavabo
  • German: Lavabo
  • Italian: lavabo
  • Russian: рукомо́йник

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