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  1. superlative form of little; the smallest amount or quantity of [something].
    He earns the least money in his family.   Of all the sisters, she has the least patience.   I can only afford to pay the least of the bills.
    • 1857, Edmund March Blunt, The American Coast Pilot: Containing Directions for the Principal Harbors, E. & G.W. Blunt, page 135:
      The least water we could find there was 4 fathoms, which bears from the point S.E., and is distant 1½ mile.
    • , Duncan's Travels
      To have demolished and rebuilt the walls, would have been a very costly expedient, and as the least of two evils, the painter's brush was resorted to; here and there however, above some of the windows, the black wreathings of the smoke are still discernible through the white covering.
    • 2004, Jim Baggott, Beyond Measure: Modern Physics, Philosophy, and the Meaning of Quantum Theory, Oxford University Press, page 48:
      Light does not need to know in advance which is the path of least time because it takes all paths from its source to its destination.
  • French: le moindre (cf. moindre), le plus petit
  • German: geringst, kleinst, minimalst
  • Italian: minimo
  • Portuguese: mínimo
  • Russian: наиме́ньший
  • Spanish: mínimo
  1. Used for forming superlatives of adjectives, especially those that do not form the superlative by adding -est.
    It was the least surprising thing.
  2. In the smallest or lowest degree; in a degree below all others.
    to reward those who least deserve it
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least (plural leasts)

  1. (philosophy) Something of the smallest possible extent; an indivisible unit.
  1. superlative form of less
  2. superlative form of little
    least weasel
Prepositional phrase
  1. (informal, nonstandard) At least.

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