• IPA: /lɛɡ.ɪŋ/

legging (plural leggings)

  1. A covering, usually of leather, worn from knee to ankle.
  2. Tight fitting leg coverings worn, for example, to gym.
  3. One of the legs of a pair of trousers.
    • Take the legging and turn up the cuff.
  4. The process of putting a series of three or more options strikes into the stock market.
    • 2000, Michael Williams, Amy Hoffman, Fundamentals of Options Market (McGraw Hill Professional, page 128)
      As a practical matter, you cannot put on these positions simultaneously at reasonable prices. In order to achieve these positions at a reasonable risk/reward profile, you must put the positions in a series of separate trades. This process is called legging.
Translations Verb
  1. present participle of leg#English|leg

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