• IPA: /ˈliːʒən/

lesion (plural lesions)

  1. (pathology) A wound or injury.
  2. (medicine) An infected or otherwise injured or diseased organ or part, especially such patch of skin.
  3. (biochemistry) Any compound formed from damage to a nucleic acid.
  4. (law) Injury or an unfair imbalance in a commutative contract wherein the consideration is less than half of the market value, which then serves as a basis for the injured party to sue to rescind the agreement.
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  • French: lésion
  • German: enorme Verletzung, Übervorteilung
  • Italian: lesione
  • Portuguese: lesão enorme
  • Spanish: lesión enorme, lesión enormísima

lesion (lesions, present participle lesioning; past and past participle lesioned)

  1. (transitive) To wound or injure, especially in an experiment or other controlled procedure.

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