loaded dice
  1. Used other than with a figurative or idiomatic meaning: see loaded, dice
    • 1792, The Analytical Review, vol. 14, p. 409
      We here behold an impudent unlettered miscreant, wheedling himself into the acquaintance of the young and unexperienced, taking advantage of the hour of intoxication, to introduce loaded dice, and then enforcing his pretended claim by means of a loaded pistol.
  2. (figuratively) An advantage obtained by manipulating rules or insider influence.
    • 1972, Melville Jean Herskovits, Cultural Relativism: Perspectives in Cultural Pluralism, page 56:
      In fact, the need for a cultural-relativistic point of view has become apparent because of the realization that there is no way to play this game of making judgments across cultures except with loaded dice.
    • 2012, Fred Carach, Forty Years a Speculator: My Discoveries and Insights, Dog Ear, page 53 ↗:
      The riverboat gambler’s most intriguing insight on the stock market is that all investors use loaded dice if they only knew it.
    • 1960, Charles Sumner, The Republican Party its origin necessity & permanence, J. A. H. Hasbrouck & Co., page 10 ↗:
      Slave states have always won. They have played with loaded diceloaded with Slavery.

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