locker (plural lockers)

  1. A type of storage compartment with a lock, usually used to store clothing, equipment, or books.
    The student placed her books in her locker when she arrived at school.
  2. (rare) One who locks something.
    The locker of the trapped chest must be careful, so as not to spring the trap.
  3. (automotive) A locking differential.
  4. (historical) A customs officer who guards a warehouse.
    • 1845, Reports of cases argued and determined in the courts of Exchequer & Exchequer Chamber (volume 12)
      The actual delivery of the goods is then effected by any person bearing an order from the importer, called a merchant's order, and addressed to the warehouse-keeper, upon the presentment of which the warehouseman delivers the goods, having previously obtained the signature of the locker to it as a proof that the duties have been paid […]
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  1. Surname

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