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loge (plural loges)

  1. A booth or stall.
  2. The lodge of a concierge.
    • 1936, Djuna Barnes, Nightwood, Faber & Faber 2007, p. 70:
      About three in the morning, Nora knocked at the little glass door of the concierge's loge, asking if the doctor was in.
  3. An upscale seating region in a modern concert hall or sports venue, often in the back lower tier, or on a separate tier above the mezzanine.
    • In major league stadiums the press box is usually located between the first and second decks in the loge level.
  4. An exclusive box or seating region in older theaters and opera houses, having wider, softer, and more widely spaced seats than in the gallery.
    • Patte notes that the spectators who were seated there were too close to the action to frame it as real, and that the loges in the avant-scène hampered the effect of the voice.
  • French: loge
  • German: Loge
  • Russian: ло́жа

Proper noun
  1. (astronomy) A moon of Saturn.

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