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lop (lops, present participle lopping; past and past participle lopped)

  1. (transitive, usually with off) To cut off as the top or extreme part of anything, especially to prune a small limb off a shrub or tree, or sometimes to behead someone.
    • 1742, Edward Young, The Complaint: or Night-Thoughts on Life, Death & Immortality, Night I
      Some, for hard masters, broken under arms,
      In battle lopt away, with half their limbs,
      Beg bitter bread thro’ realms their valour sav’d,
  2. To hang downward; to be pendent; to lean to one side.
  3. To allow to hang down.
    to lop the head
Synonyms Translations
  • Russian: обруба́ть
  • Spanish: podar, cortar, mochar

lop (plural lops)

  1. That which is lopped from anything, such as branches from a tree.

lop (plural lops)

  1. (Geordie) A flea.
    Hadway wi ye man, ye liftin wi lops.

lop (plural lops)

  1. (US, dated, slang) (usually offensive) A disabled person, a cripple.
    • 1935: Rex Stout, The League of Frightened Men, p5
      "He's a lop; it mentions here about his getting up to the stand with his crippled leg but it doesn't say which one."
  2. Any of several breeds of rabbits whose ears lie flat.

Proper noun
  1. A county in Hotan, Xinjiang.
    • The Khotan rug factory, Hotan Rayonluk Gilam Karahanisi, is situated outside the town of Khotan, in Lop county four kilometers east on the bank of the Yurunkash River.
      East of Khotan itself, we find a local culture typified by a cemetery at Sampul (Shanpula). It is located near the administrative centre of Lop County (Luopu).
      The Lop county official confirmed reports from overseas groups that the Chinese authorities were continuing a program of heavy religious control and censorship in Xinjiang.
      The workshop in Lop County at the edge of Taklimakan Desert is in the most impoverished part of Hotan prefecture.
      An acquaintance of Eli Ahun Qarim described the 50-something native of Lop county’s Igerchi village as a religious student with “a profound understanding of religion” who had earlier been detained for one year for teaching religion.
      Miriding Mutailipu is a crystal scientist from Xinjiang Uygur autonomous region. Raised in Lop county, one of the poorest neighbourhoods in Hotan prefecture, he grew up in a part of China known for thousands of years as a source of precious stones.
      Despite the wan expressions of three OFILM workers from Lop County, a December 2017 report said they gave an “enthusiastic” presentation about how they lived in clean new dormitories “much better than home” and were visited by Communist Party cadres.
      “We were overjoyed that leaders from the Lop County government still come to see us on holidays,” one of the workers, Estullah Ali, was quoted as saying. “Many of us were moved to tears.”
  2. A town in Lop, Hotan.
    • The attacks in Hotan (in Chinese, Hetian) prefecture’s Lop (Luopu) county, occurred at 9 p.m. on Monday and 8:15 a.m. on tuesday, killing three suicide attackers and three police officers and wounding four other policemen, said Osman Toxtixelil, the police chief of the Konabazar (Old Town) police station in Lop town. No bystanders were killed or injured in the attacks, he told RFA’s Uyghur Service.

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