• IPA: /luːzə(ɹ)/
  • (America) IPA: /luzɚ/

loser (plural losers)

  1. A person who loses; one who fails to win or thrive.
    Antonyms: winner
    In a two-horse race there is always one winner and one loser.
    He was always a good loser.
  2. Something of poor quality.
  3. A person who is frequently unsuccessful in life.
    Synonyms: failure
    That guy is a born loser!
    I'm a constant loser in love.
  4. (derogatory) A contemptible or unfashionable person.
    Synonyms: crumb, losel, louse, Thesaurus:worthless person
  5. One who or that which loses something, such as extra weight, car keys, etc.
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  • Russian: барахло́
Translations Translations
  • German: Verlierertyp, Versager, Loser
  • Italian: sfigato
  • Portuguese: perdedor
  • Russian: ничто́жество

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