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loupe (plural loupes)

  1. A magnifying glass, usually mounted in an eyepiece, often used by jewellers and watchmakers.
    • 1996, David Foster Wallace, Infinite Jest, Abacus 2013, p. 213:
      Pemulis owns stuff like philatelic forceps, a loupe, a pharmaceutical scale, a postal scale, a personal-size Bunsen burner […]
    • 2006, Thomas Pynchon, Against the Day, Vintage 2007, p. 264:
      pale gnomes, patient as lock-pickers, squinted through loupes, adjusting tremblers and timers with tiny screwdrivers and forceps.
  2. A type of short-range binoculars used by surgeons and dentists.
  • French: loupe
  • German: Lupe, Vergrößerungsglas
  • Portuguese: lupa
  • Russian: лу́па
  • Russian: лу́па

Proper noun
  1. Surname

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