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lump (plural lumps)

  1. Something that protrudes, sticks out, or sticks together; a cluster or blob; a mound or mass of no particular shape.
    Stir the gravy until there are no more lumps.
    a lump of coal; a lump of clay; a lump of cheese
  2. A group, set, or unit.
    The money arrived all at once as one big lump sum payment.
  3. A small, shaped mass of sugar, typically about a teaspoonful.
    Do you want one lump or two with your coffee?
  4. A dull or lazy person.
    Don't just sit there like a lump.
  5. (informal, as plural) A beating or verbal abuse.
    He's taken his lumps over the years.
  6. A projection beneath the breech end of a gun barrel.
  7. A kind of fish, the lumpsucker.
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lump (lumps, present participle lumping; past and past participle lumped)

  1. (transitive) To treat as a single unit; to group together in a casual or chaotic manner (as if forming an ill-defined lump of the items).
    People tend to lump turtles and tortoises together, when in fact they are different creatures.
  2. (transitive) To bear a heavy or awkward burden; to carry something unwieldy from one place to another.
  3. (transitive, slang) To hit or strike (a person).
    • 1962, Floyd Patterson, Victory Over Myself (page 63)
      If that's the only way you can fight, then you'd better be prepared to get lumped.

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