1. (rare, informal) Tending to lurk; given to or indicative of lurking
    • 2010, Nikos Papastergiadias, Spatial Aesthetics:
      This form of personal attachment and spatial transformation is particularly evident when Pat Purdy talks about the 'lurky place' where the kids would seek refuge.
    • 2013, Dennis Carter, Shakespeare and Classic Works in the Classroom:
      The children's ideas were creative responses to the lines of the original: a lurky stream, dark, muddy, soil coming up from the bottom.
    • 2014, Gillian Dooley, ‎Graham Nerlich, Never Mind about the Bourgeoisie
      Since the red-back is highly venomous and since it is a lurky little bastard and since we all had kids of an age to poke their fingers into every possible spider-refuge, this was a worrying time.

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