• IPA: /ˈlʌstə/


  1. (British spelling) Alternative form of luster (shine, etc.)
  2. (geology) the way in which the surface of any particular type of mineral reflects light differently from other minerals, which is helpful in telling minerals apart.
    Various kinds of minerals differ in their lustre; iron pyrites are described as having a metallic lustre, glassy materials a vitreous lustre; others, such as opal, look resinous, and the lustres of yet others are described as being either pearly, or silky, or dull, like earth.
  3. a glass ornament such as a prism or cut glass dangling beneath a chandelier; usually in clusters or festoons
  4. (dated) a chandelier, particularly one decorated with glass lustres
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lustre (lustres, present participle lustring; past and past participle lustred)

  1. (British spelling) Alternative form of luster

lustre (plural lustres)

  1. (British spelling) Alternative form of luster (a lustrum)

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