• (British) IPA: /lʌɡˈʒʊɹ.i.əs/, /lʌɡˈzjʊɹ.i.əs/, /lʌkˈsjʊɹ.i.əs/
  • (British) IPA: /lʌɡˈʒʊɹ.i.əs/, /lʌkˈʃʊɹ.i.əs/


  1. Very fine in quality and comfortable.
    a luxurious hotel suite
  2. (dated) Enjoying the pleasures of luxury.
    • 1857, Lectures Delivered Before the Young Men's Christian Association
      When one looks at the elegantly dressed people round the gaming table, who perhaps laugh at everything which impresses other people with awe, who scoff at the Church and the Bible, one could scarcely think it possible that these enlightened, pleasure-loving, luxurious men of the world, carry on in secret, cabalistic nonsense, turning over cards, fortune telling, studying the significance of signs and dreams […]
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