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  • (RP) IPA: /ˈmeɪ.dʒə(ɹ)/
  • (GA) enPR: mā'jər, IPA: /ˈmeɪ.dʒɚ/

major (plural majors)

  1. (military ranks) A military rank between captain and lieutenant colonel.
    He used to be a major in the army.
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  1. Of great significance or importance.
  2. Greater in number, quantity, or extent
    the major part of the assembly
  3. Of full legal age, having attained majority
  4. (music) Of a scale that follows the pattern: tone - tone - semitone - tone - tone - tone - semitone
    A major scale.
  5. (music) Being the larger of two intervals denoted by the same ordinal number.
  6. (music) Containing the note a major third (four half steps) above the tonic.
  7. (campanology) Bell changes rung on eight bells.
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  • French: plus grand, plus important, majeur
  • Portuguese: maior
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major (plural majors)

  1. (US, Canada, Australia and New Zealand) The main area of study of a student working toward a degree at a college or university.
    Midway through his second year of college, he still hadn't chosen a major.
  2. (US, Canada, Australia and New Zealand) A student at a college or university concentrating on a given area of study.
    She is a math major.
  3. A person of legal age.
  4. (logic) The major premise.
  5. (Canadian football) A touchdown, or major score.
  6. A large, commercially successful company, especially a record label that is bigger than an indie.
    • 1997, Billboard (volume 109, number 30, page 86)
      At the end of last year, the band re-signed to XL for another three albums, despite being chased by majors that included Island, says manager Mike Champion of Midi Management.
  7. (British slang, dated) An elder brother (especially at a public school).
  8. (zoology) A large leaf-cutter ant that acts as a soldier, defending the nest.
  • (a person of legal age) minor
  • French: matière principal
  • German: Hauptfach
  • Russian: профилирующий
  • Spanish: asignatura principal
  • French: étudiant spécialisé, étudiante spécialisée
Translations Verb

major (majors, present participle majoring; past and past participle majored)

  1. (intransitive) to concentrate on a particular area of study as a student in a college or university
    I have decided to major in mathematics.
  • French: se spécialiser
  • German: spezialisieren
  • Portuguese: especializar-se
  • Russian: специализи́роваться

Proper noun
  1. Surname
  2. An unincorporated community in Kentucky.
  3. A village in Saskatchewan, Canada.

major (plural majors)

  1. (military) Title for an army officer with the rank of major.

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