1. present participle of market#English|market


  1. Buying and selling in a market.
    • 1961, Arkansas Agricultural Experiment Station, Bulletin (page 16)
      The final result of the extreme seasonality of marketings of cattle and calves in Arkansas would have been an inshipment of either slaughter cattle or block beef and beef products during three quarters of the year.
  2. (uncountable) The promotion, distribution and selling of a product or service; the work of a marketer; includes market research and advertising.
  3. (up to the 1920s, archaic) Shopping, going to market.
    • 1926, George Herriman, comic strip Us Husbands, June 12th, 1926 (reprinted in the back of Krazy & Ignatz, vol. 1922–1924, Fantagraphics, 2012, ISBN 978-1-60699-477-1, p. 223):
      [Wife to husband:] I'm going out to do my marketing – keep out of the kitchen, while I'm gone.
  • Russian: торго́вля

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