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maul (plural mauls)

  1. A heavy long-handled hammer, used for splitting logs by driving a wedge into them, or in combat.
  2. (rugby) A situation where the player carrying the ball, who must be on his feet, is held by one or more opponents, and one or more of the ball carrier's team mates bind onto the ball carrier.
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  • Russian: схва́тка (за мяч)

maul (mauls, present participle mauling; past and past participle mauled)

  1. To handle someone or something in a rough way.
  2. To savage; to cause serious physical wounds (usually used of an animal).
    The bear mauled him in a terrible way.
  3. (figuratively) To criticise harshly.
  4. (transitive) To beat with the heavy hammer called a maul.
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