• (British, America) enPR: mā'bē, IPA: /ˈmeɪbi/, [ˈmeɪ̯bi]

maybe (not comparable)

  1. Modifies a verb, indicating a lack of certainty: it may be that...
  2. (as a pro-sentence) Perhaps that is true (expressing no commitment to a decision or a neutral viewpoint to a statement).
    • 2016, [ VOA Learning English] (public domain)
      Okay. See you later, maybe. — Maybe I’ll see you later.
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  1. Possible; uncertain.
    • 1687, John Dryden, The Hind and the Panther, part III line 294
      Then add those may-be years thou hast to live

maybe (plural maybes)

  1. (informal) Something that is possibly true.
  2. (informal) An answer that shows neither agreement nor disagreement.
    The results of the poll were inconclusive. We got two yeses, three nos, and four maybes.
  3. (informal) A future event that may or may not happen.
    About your raise: it's a big maybe.

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