me too
  • French: moi aussi, j’aussi
  • German: ich auch
  • Italian: anch'io
  • Portuguese: eu também
  • Russian: я то́же
  • Spanish: yo también
  • Portuguese: a mim também, idem
  • Spanish: a mí también

me too (me toos, present participle me tooing; past and past participle me tooed)

  1. (Internet slang, Usenet) To agree with someone.
    • 1997 July 13, Rich Clancey <[email protected]>, "weak lemon and soap",, Usenet,
      I was put in mind of the possibility because of a recent thread in which someone claimed that some vegetable which I like tasted like soap to him and several others me tooed it.
    • 2001 May 28, Vegard Valberg <[email protected]>, "Re: WI Pearl Harbor Done Right -- Part 2", soc.history.what-if, Usenet,
      I know me tooing is frowned upon, but me too!
    • 2002 July 19, Ken Higgs <[email protected]>, "Re: Bring on the Aussies...",, Usenet,
      I'm more or less agreeing with you too (but don't let Moby hear-he'll accuse me of me tooing).

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