• IPA: /ˈmɪlɪtənt/


  1. Fighting or disposed to fight; belligerent, warlike. [from 15th c.]
    • 2012, Christopher Clark, The Sleepwalkers, Penguin 2013, p. 394:
      The upper tiers of the foreign ministry were quick to embrace a militant policy.
  2. Aggressively supporting of a political or social cause; adamant, combative. [from 17th c.]
Synonyms Translations
  • German: militant
  • Russian: вои́нствующий
Translations Noun

militant (plural militants)

  1. (obsolete) A soldier, a combatant. [17th-19th c.]
  2. An entrenched or aggressive adherent to a particular cause, now especially a member of a particular ideological faction. [from 19th c.]
    • 2008, Militants in Pakistan release 250 schoolchildren after taking them hostage, Wikinews:
      Officials in Pakistan have confirmed that at least 250 schoolchildren between 12 and 18 years old and several teachers were taken hostage by at least seven militants inside a high school in Domail.
  3. Specifically, someone who supports the Trotskyist political view expressed in the newspaper Militant, or who engages in aggressive left-wing politics. [from 20th c.]
Related terms Translations
  • Russian: боеви́к
  • Russian: троцки́ст

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