• (RP) IPA: /ˈmɪz(ə)ɹɪ/
  • (GA) enPR mĭzʹə-rē, IPA: /ˈmɪz(ə)ɹi/


  1. Great unhappiness; extreme pain of body or mind; wretchedness; distress; woe.
    Ever since his wife left him you can see the misery on his face.
  2. (US and UK, dialects) A bodily ache or pain.
    • 1868, John Vestal Hadley, Seven Months a Prisoner, page 15:
      [...] and I had a misery in my left breast and shoulder. I was hurt, but knew not how or how much.
  3. Cause of misery; calamity; misfortune.
  4. (extreme) poverty.
  5. (archaic) greed; avarice.
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