• IPA: /mɪsˈliːd/

mislead (misleads, present participle misleading; past and past participle misled) (transitive)

  1. (literally) To lead astray, in a false direction.
  2. To deceive by telling lies or otherwise giving a false impression.
  3. To deceptively trick into something wrong.
    The preacher elaborated Satan's ways to mislead us into sin
  4. To accidentally or intentionally confuse.
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  • French: égarer
  • German: in die Irre führen, irreführen
  • Italian: portare sulla cattiva strada, sviare
  • Portuguese: desencaminhar
  • Russian: вводи́ть в заблужде́ние
  • Spanish: propiciar equivocarse, desencaminar
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