missingness (uncountable)

  1. Absence.
    • 1931, Vernon Loder, Death of an Editor, page 236
      So far, we assume that he took the rifle from the cabinet to throw blame by its missingness — I mean, its absence — on some one else.
    • 1988, Theology, vol. 91, page 467
      However, in examining the influences on Merton, there is one major influence which is missing, and its 'missingness' is illustrated by one quotation in which Merton describes the relationship between […]
    • 2002, Martin Lass, Mirror, Mirror, Body and Mind - The Physiological and Psychological Journey, page 39
      That is, feelings of missingness and hurt — the usual interpretation of Wound — being lopsided perceptions, each contain the tacit feeling that the opposite can exist on its own.
  2. Missing data.
  3. (statistics) The manner in which data are missing from a sample of a population
    • 1992, Arijit Chaudhuri, Horst Stenger, Survey Sampling: Theory and Methods, page 282
      In large scale surveys the assumption of missingness at random is untenable.
    • 2002, Paul D. Allison, Missing Data, Sage Publications, ISBN 0761916725, p. 86
    These methods are very sensitive to assumptions made about the missingness mechanism or about the distributions of the variables with missing data.
    • 2006, Mamdouh Refaat, Data Preparation for Data Mining Using SAS, page 180
      Some imputation models require the data to have a certain distribution of their missing values, their missingness pattern.

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