• (UK): IPA: /ˈmɒdəɹət/
    • (US): enPR: mäd'ər-ət, IPA: /ˈmɑdəɹət/
  • Verb:
    • (UK): IPA: /ˈmɒdəɹeɪt/
    • (US): enPR: mäd'ə-rāt, IPA: /ˈmɑdəɹeɪt/


  1. Not excessive; acting in moderation
    moderate language
    a moderate Calvinist
    travelling at a moderate speed
    • 1731, Jonathan Swift, The Presbyterians Plea of Merit
      A number of moderate members managed […] to obtain a majority in a thin house.
  2. Mediocre
  3. Average priced; standard-deal
  4. Not violent or rigorous; temperate; mild; gentle.
    a moderate winter
    • moderate showers
  5. (US, politics) Having an intermediate position between liberal and conservative.
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moderate (plural moderates)

  1. One who holds an intermediate position between extremes, as in politics.
    While the moderates usually propose political compromise, it's often only achieved when the extremists allow them so
    The moderates are the natural advocates of ecumenism against the fanatics of their churches.
  2. (Christianity, historical) One of a party in Scottish Church history dominant in the 18th century, lax in doctrine and discipline, but intolerant of evangelicalism and popular rights. It caused the secessions of 1733 and 1761, and its final resultant was the Disruption of 1843.
Translations Verb

moderate (moderates, present participle moderating; past and past participle moderated)

  1. (transitive) To reduce the excessiveness of (something)
    to moderate rage, action, desires, etc.
    • By its astringent quality, it moderates the relaxing quality of warm water.
    • 2000, Paul G. Coleman, Positron Beams and Their Applications (page 309)
      This leaves two strategies to increase the current in a positron beam. First is to provide a stronger positron source and second is to develop a more efficient method to moderate the source positrons into a monoenergetic beam.
      To moderate stiff minds disposed to strive.
  2. (intransitive) To become less excessive
  3. (transitive) To preside over (something) as a moderator
    to moderate a synod
  4. (intransitive) To act as a moderator; to assist in bringing to compromise
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