• (RP) IPA: /ˈmɒdjuːl/
  • (America) IPA: /ˈmɑdʒuːl/

module (plural modules)

  1. A self-contained component of a system, often interchangeable, which has a well-defined interface to the other components.
  2. (architecture) A standard unit of measure used for determining the proportions of a building.
  3. (programming) A section of a program; a subroutine or group of subroutines.
    • 2001, Phil Jones, Visual Basic: A Complete Course (page 254)
      Class modules are similar to form modules except they do not have a visible interface (GUI).
  4. A unit of education covering a single topic.
    Which modules are you studying next year?
  5. A pre-prepared adventure scenario with related materials for a role-playing game.
    • 2011, Michael J. Tresca, The Evolution of Fantasy Role-Playing Games (page 81)
      Dragonborn […] first appeared in the Dragons of Despair module (1984) for Advanced Dungeons & Dragons as “dragonmen.”
  6. (algebra, ring theory) An abelian group equipped with the operation of multiplication by an element of a ring (or another of certain algebraic objects), representing a generalisation of the concept of vector space with scalar multiplication.
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    • 1974, Thomas W. Hungerford, Algebra, Springer, page 168 ↗,
      Modules over a ring are a generalization of abelian groups (which are modules over \textstyle\mathbb{Z}).
    • 2004, Robert R. Colby, Kent R. Fuller, Equivalence and Duality for Module Categories (with Tilting and Cotilting for Rings), Cambridge University Press, page vii ↗,
      Approximately forty-five years ago K. Morita presented the first major results on equivalences and dualities between categories of modules over a pair of rings.
    • 2012, A. A. Kirillov, Elements of the Theory of Representations, Springer, page 29 ↗,
      One defines in like manner right K-modules and two-sided K-modules. If K is commutative, then every left K-module is automatically equipped with the structure of right and a two-sided K-module.
  7. (fractal geometry, mathematics) A fractal element.
  8. (music) A file containing a music sequence that can be played in a tracker (called also mod or music module).
  9. (hydraulics) A contrivance for regulating the supply of water from an irrigation channel.
  10. (astronautics) An independent self-contained unit of a spacecraft.
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