• (RP) IPA: /ˈmʌŋ.ɡɹəl/, /ˈmɒŋ.ɡɹəl/
  • (America) IPA: /ˈmɑŋ.ɡɹəl/, /ˈmʌŋ.ɡɹəl/

mongrel (plural mongrels)

  1. (often, pejorative) Someone or something of mixed kind or uncertain origin, especially a dog.
    Synonyms: bitsa, bitser, bitzer, cur, mutt, tyke, Heinz 57
    hypo en
    That dog is a mongrel; who knows what breed it could be!
  2. (slang, Australia, New Zealand) A thuggish, obnoxious, or contemptible person; (often, preceded by "poor") a pitiable person.
    Synonyms: bastard
    • This poor mongrel's sitting in a bar, you see...
    • 2008, Jim Brigginshaw, Over My Dead Body, page 77 ↗,
      "Yanto bloody Evans!" Jack stuttered with rage. "Yanto bloody Evans! That... that... bloody mongrel! D'you know who he is? He's the one who knocked me back for a bit of extra timber before the roof fell in on me!"
Related terms Translations
  • French: bâtard, corniaud, métis, métisse
  • German: Mischling, Mischlingshund (dog), Promenadenmischung (dog)
  • Italian: bastardo, bastardino (dog)
  • Portuguese: vira-lata, (Portugal) rafeiro
  • Russian: дворня́га
  • Spanish: (mongrel dog) perro callejero, perro mestizo, cacri (Venezuela), comecuandohay (Nicaragua), comecuanduay (Nicaragua), chucho (Spain), chumino (Guatemala), chusco (Peru), gozque(Colombia), mil leches (Spain), perro aguacatero (El Salvador), perro criollo (Panama), perro cruzado, perro corriente (Mexico), PP (Argentina), quiltro (Bolivia), sato (Cuba), tinaquero (Panama), zaguate (Costa Rica)

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