monic (not comparable)

  1. (mathematics) Of a polynomial whose leading coefficient is one.
  2. (biology) Monomorphic.
  3. (category theory) Of a morphism: that it is a monomorphism.
    • It is often convenient to view a monic arrow i: A \rightarrowtail C, defined in Chapter 1, as showing that A is a copy of a part of C, and that i maps the copy on to that part. For example, in Set, the monic arrows are the one-to-one functions and, clearly, if i is one-to-one then A is a copy of a subset of C, namely of the image of i.
    If a composition (of morphisms) is monic then, by theorem, the pre-composite of it is monic as well.

monic (plural monics)

  1. A monic polynomial.

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