monologue (plural monologues)

  1. (drama, authorship) A long speech by one person in a play; sometimes a soliloquy; other times spoken to other characters.
  2. (comedy) A long series of comic stories and jokes as an entertainment.
  3. A long, uninterrupted utterance that monopolizes a conversation.
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  • Portuguese: monólogo
  • Russian: моноло́г
  • Portuguese: monólogo

monologue (monologues, present participle monologuing; past and past participle monologued)

  1. To deliver a monologue.
    • 1989, Oliver Sacks, Seeing Voices
      Powerful parents, in her formulation, feeling themselves autonomous and powerful, give autonomy and power to their children; powerless ones, feeling themselves passive and controlled, in turn exert an excessive control on their children, and monologue at them, instead of having a dialogue with them.

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