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Pronunciation Noun


  1. (US, Canada) The largest member of the deer family (Alces americanus, sometimes included in Alces alces), of which the male has very large, palmate antlers.
    We saw a moose at the edge of the woods.
  2. (informal) An ugly person.
  • (largest member of the deer family (Alces americanus)) elk (British), Newfoundland speed bump (Canadian)
Translations Noun


  1. (US, military, slang) An Asian girl taken as a lover.
    • 2005, Rupert Nelson, Like the Rings of a Tree (page 279)
      In military bases in the rear areas it was common for soldiers to have a moose.
    • 2011, Michael Cullen Green, Black Yanks in the Pacific (page 75)
      Even the lowest ranked serviceman, because of his salary, benefits, and status as an American occupationaire, could afford to “maintain a 'Moose' and still take care of his other obligations.


moose (plural mooses)

  1. (slang) Muslim

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