motorcade (plural motorcades)

  1. A procession of cars carrying VIPs, especially political figures.
    JFK was assassinated in a motorcade.
    • 1994, Herbert L. Abrams, The President Has Been Shot: Confusion, Disability, and the 25th Amendment, Stanford University Press (ISBN 9780804723251), page 126 ↗:
      The aide rides, along with the president's physician, in the “control car,” third in line in the motorcade.
  • French: cortège motorisé
  • German: Autokolonne, Wagenkolonne
  • Italian: sfilata di automobili, corteo di automobili
  • Portuguese: carreata
  • Russian: автоколо́нна

motorcade (motorcades, present participle motorcading; past and past participle motorcaded)

  1. (intransitive) To travel in a motorcade.

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