• IPA: /ˈmʌfɪn/

muffin (plural muffins)

  1. (British) A type of flattish bun, usually cut in two horizontally, toasted and spread with butter, etc, before being eaten.
  2. (US) A type of individual bread such as corn, bran, banana or zucchini bread often sliced and spread with butter, etc before being eaten.
  3. (especially US) (informally) A cupcake without frosting, but sometimes glazed.
  4. (computing) A mechanism used in the Java Network Launching Protocol analogous to the cookie mechanism and which permits a program running in a browser to perform operations on a client machine.
  5. (slang) Term of endearment.
    I love you, muffin!
  6. (sexual slang) A vulva.
  7. (baseball, slang) A less talented player; one who muffs, or drops the ball.
  8. (slang) A charming, attractive young man.
  9. (dated) A small plate, smaller than a twiffler.
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