• (British, America) IPA: /mʌl/

mull (mulls, present participle mulling; past and past participle mulled)

  1. (usually with over) To work (over) mentally; to cogitate; to ruminate.
    to mull a thought or a problem
    he paused to mull over his various options before making a decision
    • 1912, Edgar Rice Burroughs, Tarzan of the Apes, Chapter 5
      It was the germ of a thought, which, however, was destined to mull around in his conscious and subconscious mind until it resulted in magnificent achievement.
  2. To powder; to pulverize.
  3. To chop marijuana so that it becomes a smokable form.
  4. To heat and spice something, such as wine.
  5. To join two or more individual windows at mullions.
  6. To dull or stupefy.
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  1. A thin, soft muslin.
  2. (uncountable) Marijuana that has been chopped to prepare it for smoking.
    Synonyms: Thesaurus:marijuana
  3. A stew of meat, broth, milk, butter, vegetables, and seasonings, thickened with soda crackers.
  4. The gauze used in bookbinding to adhere a text block to a book's cover.
  5. An inferior kind of madder prepared from the smaller roots or the peelings and refuse of the larger.

mull (plural mulls)

  1. (Scotland) A promontory.
    the Mull of Kintyre
  2. A snuffbox made of the small end of a horn.

mull (uncountable)

  1. dirt; rubbish

Proper noun
  1. An island , the second largest in the Inner Hebrides, in Argyll and Bute.

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