multiplex (not comparable)

  1. Comprising several interleaved parts.
  2. (botany) Having petals lying in folds over each other.
  3. (medicine) Having multiple members with a particular condition.

multiplex (plural multiplexes)

  1. A building or a place where several activities occur in multiple units concurrently or different times.
  2. (by extension) A large cinema complex comprising many (typically more than five, and often over ten) movie theatres or houses.
  3. (juggling) throwing motion where more than one ball is thrown with one hand at the same time.
  • French: complexe multisalles
  • Italian: multisala

multiplex (multiplexes, present participle multiplexing; past and past participle multiplexed)

  1. To interleave several activities.
  2. (computing) To combine several signals into one.
  3. (transitive) To convert (a cinema business) into a large complex, or multiplex.
  4. (juggling) To make a multiplex throw.
  • French: multiplexer
  • German: multiplexen
  • Russian: совмеща́ть
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