Proper noun
  1. Alternative letter-case form of Nakba#English|Nakba
    • 2009, Sumantra Bose, Contested lands ISBN 0674028562, page 262
      Indeed, violence broke out in the occupied territories in mid-May 2000 as Palestinians observed the anniversary of the 1948 nakba—these disturbances paled in comparison to the second intifada, which erupted in the autumn.

nakba (plural nakbas)

  1. A catastrophe; a grave setback.
    • 2000, Arab American Voices, page 45:
      A second nakba happened after the 1967 Six Day War, when Israel captured Arab land that belonged to Jordan and Egypt; another 325,000 Palestinians left their homes.

Proper noun
  1. The foundation of the State of Israel and subsequent expulsion or flight of the majority of the Palestinian Arabs (some 700,000) among its residents, perceived as a catastrophe by many Palestinians and others.
  • French: nakba
  • German: Nakba
  • Russian: на́кба
  • Spanish: nakba

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