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  1. (anatomy) Of or pertaining to the nose or to the nasion
    Synonyms: nosely, nosey
  2. (phonetics) Having a sound imparted by means of the nose; and specifically, made by lowering the soft palate, in some cases with closure of the oral passage, the voice thus issuing (wholly or partially) through the nose, as in the consonants m, n, ng; characterized by resonance in the nasal passage
    a nasal vowel
    a nasal utterance.
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nasal (plural nasals)

  1. (medicine, archaic) A medicine that operates through the nose; an errhine.
  2. (phonetics) A vowel or consonant (such as [m] or [n]) articulated with air flowing through the nose.
    hypo en
  3. (historical) Part of a helmet projecting to protect the nose; a nose guard.
    • 1909, Charles Henry Ashdown, European Arms & Armor, page 78,
      The nasal continued in use until about 1140, when it was generally discarded, but isolated examples may be found in every succeeding century down to the seventeenth.
    • 1999, George RR Martin, A Clash of Kings, Bantam 2011, p. 463:
      Rorge had donned a black halfhelm with a broad iron nasal that made it hard to see that he did not have a nose.
  4. (anatomy) One of the nasal bones.
  5. (zoology) A plate, or scale, on the nose of a fish, etc.

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