• (America) IPA: /nəˈsɛ.sə.təs/


  1. (archaic) Needy, indigent, destitute, poor.
    • 1724, Charles Johnson, “Of Captain Bartho[lomew] Roberts, and His Crew”, in A General History of the Pyrates, […], 2nd edition, London: Printed for, and sold by T. Warner, […], OCLC 2276353 ↗, page 241 ↗:
      [W]ith what Face could Wretches who had ravaged and made so many Neceſſitous, look up for Relief; they had to that Moment lived in Defiance of the Power that now alone they muſt truſt for their Preſervation, {{...}
    • 1843, Thomas Carlyle, Past and Present, book 2, chapter 6 (“Monk Samson”):
      For all our vow of poverty, we can by rule amass to the extent of ’two shillings’; but it is to be given to our necessitous kindred, or in charity.
  2. Lacking; required.
  3. Necessary; unavoidable.

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