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nippy (comparative nippier, superlative nippiest)

  1. (UK, informal) fast; speedy
    • , Melanie Allen, Customer Relations Management (page 6)
      A Rolls Royce will not do if you need an economical, nippy car that is easy to park.
  2. (informal) Of the weather, rather cold.
    Gosh, it's a bit nippy today: I'd better wear my gloves.
  3. Inclined to nip; bitey.
    • 1995, Nancy Baer, Choosing a Dog: A Guide to Picking the Perfect Breed (page 161)
      Spoiling may create a pushy, nippy dog that lacks confidence.
  4. (Scotland, informal) annoying; irritating
  5. (Scotland) sharp in taste
  6. (Scotland) curt
  7. (Scotland) parsimonious
  • French: frisquet
  • Russian: моро́зный


nippy (plural Nippies)

  1. (UK, dated) A waitress in a Lyons Corner House.

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