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  • (British) IPA: en-uk-no.ogg
  • (America) IPA: en-us-no.ogg
  1. Not any.
    Antonyms: any, some
    no one
    There is no water left.
    No hot dogs were sold yesterday.
    No phones were at the store.
    No customer personal data will be retained unless it is rendered anonymous.
    There was no score at the end of the first period. (The score was 0-0.)
  2. Hardly any.
    Antonyms: quite, some
    We'll be finished in no time at all.
    Fifty pounds for this is no money, really.
  3. Not any possibility or allowance of (doing something).
    No smoking
    There's no stopping her once she gets going.
  4. Not (a); not properly, not really; not fully.
    My mother's no fool.
    Working nine to five every day is no life.

no (not comparable)

  1. (Except in Scotland, now only used with different, with comparatives more and less, and informally with certain other adjectives such as good and fun) Not, not at all.
    It is a less physical kind of torture, but no less gruesome. (General)
    This is no different from what we've been doing all along. (General)
    That game is no fun. (Informal)
    The teacher’s decision was no fair. (Informal or Scotland)
    I just want to find out whether she's coming or no. (Scotland)
  1. Used to show disagreement or negation.
    Synonyms: nay, nope
    Antonyms: yes, yea, aye, maybe
    No, you are mistaken.
    No, you may not watch television now.
  2. Used to show agreement with a negative question.
    Synonyms: nah, nay, nope
    "Don’t you like milk?" "No" (i.e., "No, I don’t like milk.")
  3. (colloquial) Used together with an affirmative word or phrase to show agreement.
    No, totally.
    No, yeah, that's exactly right.
    "Wow!" "Yeah, no, it was really awful!"
    No, yeah
  1. without
  2. like
Synonyms Noun

no (plural noes)

  1. a negating expression; an answer that shows disagreement or disapproval
  2. a vote not in favor, or opposing a proposition
    The workers voted on whether to strike, and there were thirty "yeses" and two "nos".
Synonyms Antonyms Adverb

no (not comparable)

  1. (archaic) Alternative form of No.#English|No.

no (plural nos)

  1. Alternative form of No.#English|No.

  1. (electronics, of a relay) Initialism of normally#English|normally open#English|open.
Proper noun
  1. (Roman Catholicism) Initialism of Novus Ordo#English|Novus Ordo.

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