• (British) IPA: /ˈnɒmɪnətɪv/

nominative (not comparable)

  1. Giving a name; naming; designating.
    nominative fair use
    • 2007, William D. Popkin, Evolution of the Judicial Opinion: Institutional and Individual Styles, NYU Press (ISBN 9780814767498), page 104:
      A telling marker of the change in the reporter's status was the elimination of the nominative reports (that is, the citation of the reports by the reporter's name). The first state to use “state reports” rather than the nominative designation was Connecticut (1814). Many other states made this change in the middle of the 19th Century or began their official reports with state reports.
  2. (grammar) Being in that case or form of a noun which stands as the subject of a finite verb.
  3. Making a selection or nomination; choosing.
Translations Noun

nominative (plural nominatives)

  1. The nominative case.
  2. A noun in the nominative case.

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