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nude (comparative nuder, superlative nudest)

  1. Without clothing or other covering of the skin; without clothing on the genitals or female nipples.
    Why do you act so prudish whenever you see nude people?
  2. Characterized by the nudity of people concerned or to whom the described noun is attributed.
    • 2019 December 19, Elaine McCahill, “I said no to 'Game of Thrones' nude scene, says 'Charlie' actress Sinead Watters”, Irish Independent: Charlie's breakout star Sinead Watters has revealed that she said no to a nude role in Game of Thrones.
  3. (of clothing, makeup, etc) Of a color (such as beige or tan) that evokes bare flesh.
    • 2016 June 2, "Company releases nude chest binder line for different skin tones", in the Washington Blade
  4. (legal, obsolete) Not valid; void.
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  • German: fleishfarben, hautfarben
  • Russian: телесный

nude (plural nudes)

  1. A painting, sculpture, photograph or other artwork or mass-media-reproduced image depicting one or more human figure(s) in a state of near or total undress.
    Michelangelo's David is a well-known standing male nude; Michelangelo also created several other nudes.
    Lexa sent me a nude last week.
  2. (with article, "the nude") The state of total nudity.
    she caught him in the nude
  3. A color that resembles or evokes bare flesh; a paint, dye, etc. of such color.
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  • Italian: nudità, costume adamitico, abito adamitico

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