• (British) IPA: /ˈɒbsəliːt/
  • (America) enPR: äbsəˈlēt, IPA: /ɑbsəˈliːt/, /ˈɑbsəliːt/


  1. (of words, equipment, etc.) No longer in use; gone into disuse; disused or neglected (often by preference for something newer, which replaces the subject).
    It is speculated that, within a few years, the Internet's speedy delivery of news worldwide will make newspapers obsolete.
    Synonyms: antiquated, deprecated, disused
  2. (biology) Imperfectly developed; not very distinct.
    Synonyms: abortive, obscure, rudimental
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obsolete (obsoletes, present participle obsoleting; past and past participle obsoleted)

  1. (transitive, US) To cause to become obsolete.
    This software component has been obsoleted.
    We are in the process of obsoleting this product.

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