obverse (not comparable)

  1. Turned or facing toward the observer.
    Synonyms: facing, presenting
    The obverse side of the gravestone has the inscription.
  2. Corresponding; complementary.
    Synonyms: analogous, like, parallel, reciprocal
    When you speak clearly, people understand you. If you don't mumble, the obverse effect is observed.
  3. (botany) Having the base, or end next to the attachment, narrower than the top.
    an obverse leaf
  • Italian: dritto
  • Russian: лицевой
  • Spanish: anverso
Translations Noun

obverse (plural obverses)

  1. The heads side of a coin, or the side of a medal or badge that has the principal design.
    Antonyms: reverse
    The medal had a cross on the obverse and had a name inscribed on the reverse.
  2. (logic) A proposition obtained by obversion, e.g. All men are mortal => No man is immortal.

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